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Frank Herbert portrait

Another of my portraits of early literary influences, also to date one of my most precious posessions, still watching over me from the living room wall.
Frank Herbert, author of sci-fi epic Dune.
An acrylic painting, scratched and scrubbed with sandpaper and a compass point, with the black shadows airbrushed on. The blue in blue eyes reference the Fremen blue eyes from spice addiction, and bottom right (but cropped off here) the name Martin Buro references mention of an Ixian restorer who preserved a Vin Gogh painting in one of his novels, where by pressing a button bottom left (also present) you are able to feel the artists emotions as he completed the work. For me, I seem to enter a blank mindless state and don't seem able to remember painting them so I'm not so sure it would reveal anything in my case.

Detail shown to the right. Click to reveal full image in new window.